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FANTOLI- pronounced fan-tah-lee 


Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit is the goal! 

*Healing and feelings of wholeness are achieved when the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT are in BALANCE*


What is FANTOLI?

FANTOLI is a Welsh word loosely translated meaning BALANCED

Fantoli was inspired by and is to honor my late Welsh grandmother. 


BALANCE your Mind, Body & Spirit through Massage, Peter Hess Sound Massage & Meditative Sound Experience. 

To achieve BALANCE of Mind, Body and Spirit; recognize your needs, meet yourself where you are, invest in yourself for your health and overall wellbeing,  be committed to your self-care, be gentle & kind to yourself, allow time for just yourself to be calm and centered without interruption, bring awareness to your entire being,  actively let go of stress & tension, utilize massage and body work to decrease muscle aches and discomfort, pause for a moment and quiet the mind.  Regular massage and sound therapy are a few components to help facilitate healing and could easily be part of your wellness program.

Isn't it time to get out of your head and back in your body?

"The body is at its best healing potential when the mind is quiet, and the body is fully relaxed". Author Unknown


*What benefits can massage and/or sound therapies offer?

Massage and sound therapies have literally been around for thousands of years. There have been many evidence-based studies done on the therapeutic and positive effects of mental health and well-being due to massage and sound therapy. The results of the studies have all been positive and show that not only is massage and/or sound therapy beneficial but can improve quality of life. Massage and/or sound therapy can help reduce muscle tension and pain, promote relaxation, improve sleep, improve range of motion, improve quality of life; including patients in hospice, relieve headaches, reduce stress, reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and PTSD, as well as many other benefits not listed.

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Are you experiencing muscle aches and pains? Having trouble sleeping? Dealing with anxiety & depression? Feeling stressed and full of tension? Needing to boost your immune system? Wanting to increase range of motion? Or Wanting to feel more Centered and Present in your own body?

Let me help with these issues and more......

*What are your goals for your session and how would you benefit from massage therapy?  

60 & 90min custom tailored body work sessions available- full body or customized focused sessions.

60min Peter Hess Sound Massage and 15, 30 & 60min Meditative Sound Experience available. 

Let's have a conversation and figure out what goals you have in mind for your wellness plan and how FANTOLI Massage & Wellness, LLC can help.

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from one Veteran to another-



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